Birding Areas
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Northern Central Andes
Core of the Central Andes
Eastern Andes
Western Andes of Antioquia
Pacific Chocó Lowlands
Mid Magdalena Valley
Llanos and E Andean slopes
Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta


Trip Reports

COLOMBIA Birding has been leading trips since mid 2007, and with each tour we have been tweaking and fine tuning all our services. To give you a taste of what your custom tour could be like, here are some of our past trip reports full of birds, pics, and nice stories from the field:


November 2007
E, C, and W Andes + Magdalena Valley

US birders crew - coming soon!


December 2007
C Andes looking for Red-bellied Grackles

Finnish couple from Caracas, Venezuela - coming soon!


February 2008
C and W Andes + Magdalena Valley

US birders couple - coming soon!


July/August 2008
E Llanos, C Andes + Chocó lowlands

US birders crew - coming soon!


August 2008
C and W Andes looking for Lyre-tailed Nightjar

US and El Salvador birders - coming soon!
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